Curriculum Vitae




Born: Montreal , Canada, Living and working in Berlin and Seoul since 1999

B.F.A. Cinema (production) Concordia University , Montreal 1990

M.A Communication (Media Art) with distinction, European Graduate School 2007

Ph.D Communication & Media (ABD) European Graduate School (expected completion 2010)


Artist-researcher in Residence Institute of Time-Based Media (IZM), University of Art (UdK), Berlin

Founder, Director, SFX Seoul, series of international sound-oriented festivals , 3rd edition in January 2010


2005-2008 Assistant Professor, Media Art : Yonsei University Graduate School of Communication and Arts

LANGUAGES: Fluent: English, French, German

functional ability in Japanese and Korean

studied Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Italian

some knowledge of Wolof, Russian


Filmmaking: Camera, Editing, Sound Editing, Recording, lighting, Directing, Scriptwriting, Producing

Sound & Music: Sound Synthesis, Sampling, Sound Restoration, Radio Production, Radio Transmission (technical), Programming, Show Host, Call-in, Music Composition, Songwriting, Adobe Audition (expert user), Sound studio technician.

Digital Image: Photoshop (expert user), Illustrator, After Effects, Final Cut, Premiere,

Other technical knowledge: MAX/MSP, PD (puredata) processing, web design (FTP, HTML, javascript, php), all major word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software,


Cooking, Local Cuisines, Fashion, Social Software, Languages, Computer-programming, Reading, Field Recording, Photography, contemporary & experimental music, Cinema.Theater, open source hardware and software.

VITAE since 2002



2002- Canada Council for the Arts, Travel Grant to present L'AFRO Ca Circule, at the 6th Dak'Art Biennale, Dakar Senegal

2003- MEMEFEST Festival of Radical Communications, 3rd Prize, 'Beyond' category for L'AFRO Ca Circule, Ljubljana , Slovenia

2004- Gwangju Biennale - Commissioned work "The Steps"

2005- Canadian Embassy, Tokyo: commisioned show "Pinked Galicia"

2008- Dakar Biennale, with Mansour Ciss, projet deberlinisation : Prix Leopold Sedar Senghor

2009 Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant



2002: Salon des Arts Digitales, 5th Dak'Art Biennale, Dakar, Senegal, workshop in digital and networked art

2002: College St Marie de Hann, arts mediatiques, website, Dakar, Senegal

2004: UNESCO-Funded workshop and exhibition with korean teenage artists - MIZY Center, Seoul, Korea

2004: Universite Cheikh Anta Diop - Workshop: L'Afro S'Impose, Dakar, Senegal

2005: sound art workshops (2) in alternative education program, Haja Center for Radical Culture, Seoul, Korea

2005: "MyungDong, A sound Approach" presentation and discussion, given at URBAN PLAY & LOCATIVE MEDIA conference, Nabi center, Seoul, Korea

2005: Assistant professor Media Art Yonsei University Graduate School of Communications and Arts, Seoul, Korea

2005: Radio Art Workshop: Nemaf: New Media Festival Seoul

2006-2007: Digic project: New Media production and implementation workshops for young adults and teenagers (Haja Center, Seoul)

2007: Digic for Kindergarten project: New Media education for children Gyeongin Woman's University kindergarten.

2008: Radio Art Workshop production and Implementation: Femmage Feminist Media Festival, at Mediact, Seoul, Korea.

2008: Social Art Interventions: The AFRO: University of Arts, Berlin

2008: Materiality of the Digital Image: University of Arts, Berlin

2008: The New Materiality: discussion series, Berlin, Paris, Montreal

2009: Vilém Flusser, the Philosopher of Photography, Banff New Media Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada

2009: Materiality of Media: Insa Art Space of the Arts Council of Korea

2009: Media Performance: Kaywon UNiversity of Art and Design

2009: The Future of the Soundscape: Seoul, Dorkbot/LIFT conference series, Seogang UNiversity, Seoul

2010: Analog Synthesis: DIY Synthesizer workshop SAII, Munji Culture Centre, Seoul

2010: The future of Free Culture: Panel discussion with Kate Rich, et al @transmediale 10, Berlin



2003: Promising (mass-printing + video) , Ssamzie Space Seoul, Korea (Culmination of a 5-month residency at Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea - supported by a grant from the Canadian Embassy, Seoul)

2003: at Memefest : International Festival of Radical Communication

2003: Creator, host, curator, organiser (with Shin Hyunjin) Video Culture Lounge presents IDL-TV 1 & 2, concept video projection evenings including curated video art selection, live video mixing and performance video... at Ssori Cafe, Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea

2003: 50th Anniversary of DaeBorum 1953: Video (6 minutes) presented at IDL-TV, on RTV, Seoul and on Simspace, online artists' Community

2003: PAN Media "Idealism" web-streaming video broadcast on public tv across Germany

2003: Mooding: permanent installation (over 320 sq. m. fiberoptics), City Hall of Gwangju, Korea

2004: Acrovista: permanent installation (terrazzo, 6 lobby floors), Gyodae, Seoul, Korea

2004: Homage to Meret Oppenheim and the First Korean Surrealist Object (Hard and Soft Sculptures, sound, performance) Gyodae, Seoul, Korea

2004: L'Afro, Ca Circule! 6eme Biennale de Dakar Senegal (with Mansour Ciss) installation, performance, workshops Supported by a travel grant from the Canada Council for the Arts

2004: the AFRO at Memefest : International Festival of Radical Communication (A-Listed! 3rd in 'Beyond' category)

2004: Steps: permanent Installation (illuminated FRP, terrazzo), Gwangju Biennale Theme Park , Gwangju Korea

2004: Drawings and Foamcore works: "Red Heaven" at Changdong Studios, National Museum of Korea residency program studios

2005: Pinked Galicia : 120m2 printed cushion with four projections, Prince Takamado Gallery, Canadian Embassy, Tokyo Japan supported by a grant from the Canadian Embassy, Tokyo

2005: Lightskin/Peau Claire: 5 illuminated vibrating canvas works + city-wide public art interventions + performance, O Patro Vys, Montreal, Canada "Top 3 Exhibitions Ever"

2005: Insect Sex: Permanent Collection: Rhizome at the New Museum, New York

2005: AFRO project and featured by UNSECO digiArts Africa

2005: performance ance with Venus Eclipse music-performance-art: 48 hours of Korean-Japanese interchange, Loop Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2005-6 permanent installation: Articulated Facade, GLS Campus, Main Building, Berlin, Germany

2006: Synchronies for the Operatic: 11-channel audio-visual installation, inaugural exhibition Triad New Media Gallery, Chungdamdong, Seoul, Korea (Feb-Mar)

2006: Human Nature: 4 independent video, 2 indepentdent audio-channel installation: Art Center Nabi/COMO (Mar-Jun)

2006: L'Afro Ca Suffit! (with Mansour Ciss)3rd edition of the Afro Project,: Art Money, website, performances: Dakar Biennale (May)

2006: Sound performances at Bulgasari Vol. 42 & 43, Relay 07, 08, Salon de Z, Epsilonia Radio Festival

2006: May: MonU Magazine: Karlsruhe, Germany

Work: Article published, 4 pages, "Repulsive Desperation in the Constructions of Survival"

2006: July:: Permanent Installation: Seoul Museum of History, Kong-Du Restaurant,

Work: Kong-Kaggi Protraits :7 x single channel video for Installation: DV, variable lengths (looped), Sound

Collaboration with Jinran Kim:

2006: Sept - Oct Permanent Installtion :: Beleuchtete Buchstaben :: GLS Campus, Kastanienalle Berlin Germany

Exhibition: Collaboration with Jinran Kim:

Work: Choppy: Single Channel Video for Installation: DV, 5 Minutes (loop), Sound

Work: Whymar: Single Channel Video for Outdoor Projection: DV, 5 minutes (loop), Silent

Work: Workers/Floor: Single Channel Video for Installation: DV, 2 minutes (loop), Silent

Work: Worker/Pattern: 4 Digital Prints, 25cm x 30cm, Framed

2006: Sept. 5 - Oct.1 Exhibition : Public Moment: Group Show: 4 Galleries! (Loop , Sup, Ssamzie, Ggot) Seoul, Korea

Work: Neighborhood Clock : 24-Hour Public Outdoor Sound Art Installation, Software Art (PureData/PD)

2006: October: Performance : Solar-Panel Concert :: Goethe Institut Seoul, with Hong Chulki, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae

Work: performance with electronic sounds derived from solar-panel array, CD

2006: November: 1st International Digital Images festival, Seoul

Work: Human Nature: Single Channel Video for Cinema, DV, 4 minutes (loop), Sound

2006: December: Tokyo Wondersite, Aoyama, Collaboration with Jinran Kim

Work: Fiery: Single Channel Video for Installation, DV 17 minutes (loop), Sound

2007: Triad New Media Gallery, Seoul: Collaboration with Hong Chulki: Tectonic Membranophonics, Sound Art for Installation

2007: "335 Feeler/Sender with projections and performance": Radio/ generative sound installation (10+ Radios, three transmission channels) with Kim JunJong(theater) and Ryu Biho (Interactive Media )

2007: SFX Seoul (founder and director) Sound Symposium, Conference and Exhibition, 30 artists, 3 art spaces, performances, conference, exhibitions, etc. , Seoul

2007: Standing by 2007: Collaborative project with Seoul School for the Deaf

2007: Habeas Corpus:: Stage Version :: Theater The Other, Seoul

2007: Habeas Corpus:: Interactive Installation Version :: GANA Jangheung Art Park, Yangju, Gyeonggi-Do

2007: Ssamzie Space, Seoul: Artist's Exchange show, collaboration with Kim Jinran:: Furniture Object for Installation 'Stores'

2007: UNESCO Digital Arts Award (first runner-up) Collaboration with Mansour Ciss "L'AFRO S'impose", Media Art for Web

2007: Docu-Fest, Seoul "50th Anniversary of DaeBorum 1953" single channel video, 7mins

2007: Performances in RELAY 9 & 11 with Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae, and others...

2007: Performances in PASSENGER ARE NEVER RIGHT, and PASSENGER ARE RIGHT at O-Jemi-Dong, Seoul

2007: Digic "Flower Party" Regenerative video installation/workshop project, 3 months in Aram Nuri Children's Museum Ilsan, Korea

2007: Digic Kindergarten New Media Project, 3 months, Gyeongin University Kindergarten, Incheon, Korea

2007: Digic/ArtE New Media Workshop for Children, Haja Center, Seoul, Korea

2007: "Mutual Attraction" (5 minutes DVD) "HORS LA VILLE" digital film festival Goethe-Institut de Dakar

2007: "amplified mimetic" interactive video archive 보이는 소리 대안공간 루프 외부 기획展 국립서울농학교

2007: "Last Week" 5.1 surround sound documentary sculpture installation [Media + Space] Gallery, Seoul

2007: "Labour of Light" Media Art Installation, perforated wall with sliding door, projection surface, interactive media database, sound, digital prints, Moran Museum of Art, Maseok, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

2008: “Sound + Art”, book, 197 pages, published by Misulmunwha, Seoul Korea

2008: “Necessity for the Nostalgic” article with images in MuDot magazine, May 08

2008: “The Improvised and Retrograde Technology” article with drawings in BOL magazine No. 7

2008: Director SFX Seoul Radio 2008, Radio-Art festival, 50 artists, 21 days of broadcasts on a temporary FM frequency, performances, installations, conference, more.. (according to Tetsuo Kogawa “the first Radio Art festival in Asia”)

2008: Flatness Studies : Achim; 2-channel video with 6 channel sound, approximately 60-minute cycle, at Visible Sound II, Sangsangmadang Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2008 „Eilhard Weidemann and Arab Fine Technology“ Article for Variantology 4, ed. Siegfried Zielinski

2008 Performance/Lecture Korean Vernacular Sound Art: Das Kleine Field Recording Festival, Berlin

2009 co-producer DVD project “Last lectures of Vilém Flusser” UdK (Vilém Flusser Archiv), Berlin, C3 Budapest, Hungary

2009 Banff New Media Institute “Liminal Screens” Residency, Banff, Alberta

2009 Presentation/Lecture/Performance “AFRO à Paris” Université de Sorbonne/ ART&FLUX/ NYU

2009 “Change” exhibition with Mansour Ciss, Art Money, large prints, cloth prints, videos, Heart Gallery, Paris

2009 “The Sweetest Organ” 3-channel generative sound installation, Chapel of Old St. Matthaeus Cemetery, Berlin

2009 Digital Sound Performance with Killian Jörg and Peter Klaenge, at Loophole, Berlin

2009 “Les Idéographes de L'espoire” two video works, with Mansour Ciss, at Peter Herrmann Gallery, Berlin

2009 “Gratitude for Technology”, a book, 124 pages, Atropos Press. ISBN13: 9780981997278

2009 „Ta Don I Ya“ Deberlinisation Installation, video, generative media, drawings, art money,INSA Art Space of the Arts Coucil of Korea, Seoul, Korea

2010 "Carte Globale" portable media objects, Laboratoire Deberlinisation @ transmediale 10, Berlin

2010 "Sound Specific" SFX Seoul 3rd Edition SFX Seoul 2010 Sound Art Festival, founder and director

2010 "We shall survive in the Memory of Others", DVD of late Vilém Flusser interviews with subtitles in 7 languages, producer, co-production C3 Budapest, UdK, VFA

2010 "DIENST." solo exhibiition, metal objects, drawings, generative media object, Wohnlabor, Berlin